These multimedia resources are here to help you understand cancer prevention,diagnosis and treatment options, Earlier detection of cancer increases your chances for successfully managing your condition. 


April 29, 2024

Countries face challenges in paying for new drugs. High prices are driven in part by exploding drug development costs, which, in turn, are driven by essential but excessive regulation. Burdensome regulation also delays drug development, and this can translate into thousands of life-years lost. [...]

November 16th, 2023

From Canada’s healthcare system is strained. It was always strained. It was designed that way. The United States healthcare system has excess capacity. Costs are constrained by insurance companies requiring pre-approval before non-emergency interventions. Physicians and hospitals typically have [...]

November 16th, 2023

From MDPI: Abstract Historically, subject matter experts and healthcare professionals have played a pivotal role in driving oncology clinical trials. Although patients have been key participants, their deliberate and active contribution to the design and decision-making process has been limited. [...]

March 1st, 2023

From the Frontiers website: Introduction Predictive oncology, germline technologies, and adaptive seamless trials are promising advances in the treatment of lethal cancers. Yet, access to these therapies is stymied by costly research, regulatory barriers, and structural inequalities worsened by the [...]


Our Animated videos can help you inform yourself and others about Prevention Treatment and many other aspects of head and neck cancer.

Early Detection Booklet

You can use this printable PDF booklet as a guide to prepare to discuss your care and treatment choices with your medical team.
*Note that this booklet is intended to be a general guide that is most relevant for solid tumors, and not blood cancers.



Head and Neck Cancer
What you need to know

You can use this live web presentation to inform yourself or your patients on head and neck cancer.
Need to know 

LSTN is proud to provide support to patients that are struggling with the financial burdens associated with their treatment. We provide financial assistance in the form of six (6) grants valued at up to $750 CAD.

If you are struggling financially and need help with healthcare related expenses (ex. transportation costs, hospital parking expenses, etc) please email us below and request assistance. If you are a private donor and would like to be matched with a patient in need, please email us below. Our resources are limited and your support goes a long way.